Incubator Fund

Do you have an idea for an interdisciplinary seminar, event or network you'd like to host? Would you like to invite a speaker or bring together research students from other departments? This fund offers the opportunity to make the most of the Grand Union DTP's resources and lead an innovative project. 

Grand Union DTP ESRC studentship holders are eligible to apply to the Incubator Fund for funds (from £250 to £1000) to support interdisciplinary events and networks. Bids will normally bring together students or researchers from more than one department or research area, and involve at least one ESRC-funded DPhil student. Students and participants from outside of the Grand Union DTP can also be involved. Preference will be given to new or recently established networks or groups.

Examples of previous projects supported by the interdisciplinary fund under the Oxford ESRC DTC are as follows:

  • Ethnographic Portraits: a qualitative training  initiative
  • Imaginary, Desire and Educational Mobility: Exploring the theoretical frontiers of global educational mobility studies
  • Exchange in International Development Across UK DTCs
  • Breaking boundaries? Interdisciplinary perspectives on using technology for learning and participation in society
  • Culturally sensitive approaches to human rights
  • Interventional and criminological perspectives on substance use and misuse
  • Languages, Media and Politics: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Discsourse Analysis
  • The 3rd Oxford Graduate Conference on Contemporary China (2014)
  • Oxford Digital Ethnography Group: Qualitative and Ethnographic Online research Methods
  • Maps to inform public policy
  • The State, Violence, Labour and the North/South Divide: Geographies of Neoliberalism and Resistance
  • Culturnomics: Empirical Studies of Artistic Production
  • CHEW Oxford (China's Health, Environment and Welfare)
  • Café Scientifique: The Social Sciences Research Visibility Platform
  • Understanding and Addressing Educational and Labour Market Inequalities
  • Qualitative Methods Seminar
  • Interdisciplinary Symposium: "The power of the peoploe: the dynamics and limits of social mobilazation in South Eastern Europe"
  • Connected Life 2015: A Multidisciplinary Conference for Emerging Internet Research
  • Eritrea and Rwanda: Post-liberation trajectories in comparative perspective
  • Oxford Children's Rights Symposium
  • Natural Resources in Society Seminar Series
  • Peacescapes: Exploring landscapes of peace and peacebuilding
  • STORIES conference - Students Ongoing Research in Educational Studies: Crossing Boundaries
  • ESRC conference networking 'fringe brunch'
  • The environmental use of human beings: history and politics of cybernetic governance
  • Responding to Sexual Violence in Conflict: Across Institutional and Disciplinary Boundaries: Expert Workshop
  • Public Seminar Series: ‘Safeguarding and Enforcing Children’s Rights’
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