Difficult Language Training

The Grand Union DTP offers its studentship award holders an extension to their funded period of up to one year if a student needs to acquire or develop a working ability with a difficult language in order to carry out fieldwork (including UK fieldwork) or other parts of their research; this is over and above the funded length of the studentship.

Students following a pre-described Masters course are not eligible to apply during this training. Extensions beyond six months are only allowed if the student needs to spend an extended period of time overseas in order to obtain these language skills. If a student has already undertaken a pre-described Masters course, it is expected that some progress with language acquisition will have been made and therefore it is not expected that extensions beyond six months should be made.

Extensions for difficult language training do not automatically attract overseas fieldwork costs. Overseas fieldwork costs should only be considered alongside an extension where it is not possible to learn the language outside of the fieldwork site.

The length of extension available to students depends upon the difficulty of the language that they are seeking to gain proficiency in, ranging from up to 3 months for languages for which intensive learning materials exist, to 12 months for languages for which no grammars/vocabularies or other learning aids are available. Annex 3 of the ESRC postgraduate funding guide provides further details on the groupings of languages and the length of extension that could be available, and more information is available in the DTP guidance documentation.

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