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The ESRC sets out residency requirements for the award of DTP studentships. For more details see the eligibility page and Am I eligible for an ESRC studentship? on the ESRC website. 

No. ESRC funding is only offered to students wishing to undertake a Master’s programme who will continue immediately to DPhil/PhD study upon completion of the Masters programme.

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This will depend on the material covered in the Masters qualification. To find out more, contact the pathway lead (use the contact details information on the pathway pages), providing the details of the Masters programme (including the titles of any/all modules or units studied). The pathway lead, informed by their knowledge of their own pathway, may then be able to determine whether the ESRC 2015 training guidelines have been met.

Prospective students do not apply directly for an AQM studentship – students should apply in the normal way.  If your research proposal indicates that you intend  to make use of advanced quantitative methods throughout the course of your research, and your department feels that your research will use a suitable level of advanced quantitative methods, they will put your application forward to the AQM competition panel. The Panel will then rank candidates in order of both academic merit and level/type of quantitative methods to be used.

Our data protection statement provides information on how your data is used by the Grand Union DTP. Please click here to view the statement.

Further information will be available from the department that offers the course of study to which you are applying. In addition, you can send any queries that you may have to granduniondtp@socsci.ox.ac.uk.

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