Research Training Support Grant (RTSG)

The Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) is available to all ESRC-funded Grand Union DTP studentship holders, and is a flexible fund to which students can apply for support for a range of expenses related to their research. 

The types of expenses which may be supported through the scheme include:

  • UK fieldwork expenses
  • conferences and summer schools
  • language training courses usually undertaken in the UK prior to an overseas fieldwork trip
  • reimbursement of interpreters, guides, assistants
  • survey costs eg printing, stationery, telephone calls
  • purchase of small items of equipment eg cameras, tape recorders, films, cassettes
  • gifts for local informants
  • books and other reading material not available through libraries

To apply for funding you should submit an application at least 4 weeks in advance of any costs being incurred (if you have concerns about meeting this timeframe, please contact your local DTP office). Please ensure you read the guidelines for further details on the scheme and applying for support.

As per ESRC guidelines, the DTP is not permitted to fund any travel (or associated costs) to countries the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) advises against visiting. For the purposes of Covid-19 travel guidance, non-essential travel includes OIVs, placements, training and conferences.

2020/21 note: If you are intending to apply for RTSG funds to support an activity involving overseas travel (ie, international conference attendance), please contact your local DTP Office to discuss if this will be possible, and any further documentation required.


Application guidance  Apply now


Oxford students: Ready to submit a reimbursement request/expense claim for costs you have had approved through the RTSG scheme? Please read the guidance on the process through the link below:

RTSG Expense Claim Instructions