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People in the Grand Union DTP

DTP Director

Professor Alexander Betts

Oxford University

DTP Associate Director

Professor Louise Mansfield

Brunel University London

DTP Associate Director

Professor Steve Pile

Open University

DTP Manager Emma Smith Brunel University London
DTP Manager Richard Magee Open University
DTP Manager Kate Gear Oxford University



Cluster and Pathway Academic Leads

Cluster Pathway Academic Leads Partners
Economics and Management Leadership and Organisational Governance Caroline Clarke OU
  Economics Ines Moreno de Barreda Oxford
  Economic & Social History Stephen Broadberry Oxford
  Quantitative Finance Xiaowen Dong Oxford
Globalisation and Development Development Policy & Practice Mark Lamont OU
  Area Studies Nicolette Makovicky (MB Representative) Oxford
  Anthropology Ramon Sarró Oxford
  Geography & the Environment

Ian KlinkeCarry van Lieshout


  Development Studies Douglas Gollin Oxford
  Migration Carlos Vargas-Silva Oxford
Learning and Cognition Experimental Psychology Brian Parkinson & Simon Clarke Oxford OU
  Education Gabriel StylianidesMaria Tsouroufli Oxford
  Innovation in Learning Ursula Stickler OU
  Linguistics Kerstin Hoge Oxford
Rights and Freedoms Criminology Carolyn Hoyle Oxford
  Citizenship Agnes Czajka (MB Representative) & Eleni Andreouli OU
  International Relations Karolina Milewicz Oxford
  Politics Ben Ansell Oxford
  Socio-Legal Studies Fernanda Pirie Oxford
Society and Wellbeing Digital Social Science Greg Taylor (MB Representative) Oxford
  Social Policy & Intervention Erzsebet Bukodi Oxford
  Health & Wellbeing Louise Mansfield, Lindsay O'Dell, Philippa Waterhouse &
Proochista Ariana
  Sociology Michael Biggs Oxford