To contact the Grand Union DTP, in the first instance please email who will forward emails to the relevant party.

People in the Grand Union DTP

DTP Director

Professor Rebecca Surender

Oxford University


DTP Associate Director

Professor Louise Mansfield

Brunel University London


DTP Associate Director

Professor Steve Pile

The Open University

DTP Deputy Director Dr Marnie Howlett Oxford University


DTP Manager Emma Smith Brunel University London
DTP Manager Tim Hodey The Open University
DTP Manager Juliette Hargreave Oxford University



Cluster and Pathway Academic Leads

Cluster Pathway Academic Leads Partners
Economics and Management Organisation, Leadership & Governance Inge Hill OU
  Economics Howard Smith Oxford
  Economic & Social History Stephen Broadberry Oxford
  Quantitative Finance Xiaowen Dong Oxford
Globalisation and Development Development Policy & Practice Mark Lamont & Frangton Chiyemura OU
  Area Studies Nicolette Makovicky  Oxford
  Anthropology Elizabeth Ewart Oxford
  Geography & the Environment

Alex VasudevanCarry van Lieshout


  Development Studies Maxim Bolt Oxford
  Migration Peter Walsh Oxford
Learning and Cognition Experimental Psychology Steve Kennerley, Gaia ScerifSandra Obradovic & Ailsa Strathie Oxford OU
  Education Nigel Fancourt & Emma Wainwright Oxford
  Innovation in Learning Margaret Ebubedike OU
  Linguistics Louise Mycock Oxford
Rights and Freedoms Criminology Katrin Mueller-Johnson Oxford
  Social justice & Inequalities (formerly Citizenship) Dan Taylor & Victoria Cooper OU
  International Relations Patricia Owens Oxford
  Politics David Rueda Oxford
  Socio-Legal Studies Fernanda Pirie Oxford
Society and Wellbeing Digital Social Science Greg Taylor Oxford
  Social Policy & Intervention Erzsebet Bukodi Oxford
  Health & Wellbeing Louise Mansfield & Justin Rogers Brunel
  Sociology Christiaan Monden Oxford