Overseas Institutional Visits

The purpose of the Overseas Institutional Visits (OIV) scheme is to support international academic networking and engagement by ESRC funded students. It offers the opportunity to establish research networks, to disseminate early research findings, to participate in seminars and other academic activities that are directly relevant to their research, or to undertake specialist research training that is not available within the UK.

Applications are considered on a competitive basis, and will need strong justification and an academic case. The 2018-19 competition deadlines are currently considered and will be posted shortly.

Only one application can be made during the period of a studentship, and must be in the doctoral phase (i.e. students in the Masters phase of their studentship are not eligible to apply). Students can apply for up to three separate OIVs to the same host university during the course of your studentship as long as the total period of the visits does not exceed three months.

Visits must be undertaken to a Higher Education institution. Only in exceptional circumstances will applications to other esteemed research organisations with substantive research outside of the UK be considered. Justification for visiting a research organisation will need to be provided.

Two students funded by the Oxford ESRC Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) who undertook OIVs have written case studies outlining how they benefitted from the scheme - please use the links to the left to find out more.

Further information on OIVs can be found in the guidance documentation and ESRC postgraduate funding guide.

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