Zoe Fannon

Zoe Fannon

Economics (2014 cohort)

My main area of interest is econometric methodology. My current research focuses on the age-period-cohort identification problem.

This problem arises in any longitudinal analysis where the researcher is interested in considering any of the following as explanatory variables: age of the observation unit, year of observation of the unit, or year of 'birth' (broadly defined) of the unit. Because of the exact relationship period = age + cohort, it is impossible to establish whether an estimated effect of one of these three variables is truly attributable to that variable, or is in fact a combination of effects of all three.

In my research I extend the approach of Kuang, Nielsen, and Nielsen (2008), which approaches the problem by focusing on a reparameterisation that is identifiable, from aggregate data to individual data. Particular problems which I must consider include the treatment of covariates and of individual fixed effects.

Prior to the MPhil, I completed a BA in PPE at Somerville College, Oxford, taking options in Econometrics and Public Economics.