Rossana Barros Baertl

Education (2014 cohort)

I am investigating how children develop their understanding of fractions and ways to help them with their learning of fractions. The aim of the study is to evaluate a model of causal relations between two kinds of mathematical abilities, reasoning and arithmetic, and their independent contribution to the understanding and learning of fractions.

The study uses a combination of longitudinal and intervention methods with children in Year 4 and Year 5 at primary school.

Before starting my doctorate in Education, I completed a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology in Costa Rica and an MSc in Child Development and Learning at Oxford Brookes University. I started working as a psychologist in hospitals and in community based services, where I developed my research interests: children’s learning and their development, and how to find ways to support them.

Since 2008 I have been involved in research studies that aim to improve children’s learning. I participated in different projects at Oxford University working on children’s learning of literacy and mathematics and improving their working memory. I also collaborated in a Randomized Control Trial with a Peruvian NGO, promoting education in most the disadvantaged areas of Peru. These experiences motivated me to seek further opportunities to develop my research skills.