Raluca Pahontu

Raluca Pahontu

Politics (2015 cohort)

I am an MPhil candidate in Politics (Comparative Government). My general research interests include political behaviour, comparative political economy, labour economics and macroeconomics.

More specifically, I am interested in ideological variations, voting behaviour, labour-markets and welfare systems, the provision of public goods and endogenous economic growth.

For the MPhil thesis, I am hoping to contribute to the political behaviour and comparative political economy literatures by proposing a new approach to understanding the dynamics of the ideological gender gap. More exactly, the paper builds, expands and tests theoretical models of labour force participation and its effects on the variations in the ideological gender gap. I hypothesize that active labour market policies, individuals’ skills and the varieties of capitalism all contribute to explaining some of the variation in the ideological gender gap. By doing this, the paper challenges the current literature in several ways and hopes to contribute to filling several gaps identified in this literature.

I graduated with honours from the University of Essex, having read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. My undergraduate dissertation – “Rational Choice Theory failing to predict labour-market initiatives in Italy” received the Oscar Arias Prize for the Best Undergraduate Dissertation.