Pauline Bucher


Economics (2023 cohort)

Applied Microeconomics, including: Labour, IO and Environmental Economics. Past theses focused on the labour market and educational outcomes of disabled people in the UK.

Pauline is a French first year MPhil+DPhil student at the University of Oxford, where she is the Snell Exhibitioner for Balliol College. She holds a (previous) MPhil in Economics Research from the University of Cambridge (2022-2023) and a First Class MA (SocSci) in Economics from the University of Glasgow (2018-2022). Interested in applied microeconomics and microeconometrics, she has previously interned at the CMA, plus worked as a Research Assistant for Dr. Z. Kanik (University of Glasgow) and the Fraser of Allander Institute (Glasgow).

Whilst at the University of Cambridge, she scored 73% on her MPhil Thesis under the supervision of Dr. N. Amano-Patino on ”The Distributions of Returns to Education for Disabled Workers in the UK”. Correcting the biases of parametric regressions via non-parametric methods (Generalised Kernel Estimation and Least Squares Cross-Validation to perform locally linear Least Squares regressions), she computed Returns to Education for different disability types and severity levels, using the Sharpe Ratios to adjust returns to risk (variance), using wild bootstrap standard errors.

Having ranked 1/260 of her undergraduate Economics cohort, she is the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith (2022) Prize winner. Moreover, she obtained merit-based funding from both the University of Cambridge and Oxford for her MPhils (respectively, Faculty of Economics Bursary and Snell Exhibition).