Nora Malika Roüast

Nora Rouast

Experimental Psychology (2015 cohort)

I have just started my ESRC-funded DPhil on the mutual interaction between memory and attention. In the search to understand cognitive functions and their neural correlates, my research attempts to address how previous experiences alter the way novel scenes and situations are perceived.

For example, the presence of a distracting or harmful object whilst experiencing a situation could distort the resulting memory. Further, my experiments explore a possible bi-directionality in the interaction, such that the focus of attention whilst experiencing a situation might alter the content of the resulting memory significantly. Ultimately, I want to use this brain- and behaviourally based research to develop intervention methods to alleviate the cognitive effects of traumatic experience such as war.

After completing a BA in Psychology and Philosophy from University College, Oxford and an MSc in Psychological Research from New College, Oxford, my interests continued to focus on Cognitive Neuroscience.