Molly Edwards


Education (2023 cohort)

My research focuses on the history of LGBTQ+ student experience and organisation at UK universities. Comparing the university experiences of former students who identify as LGBTQ+ will hopefully provide insight into the various roles of universities and their stakeholders in facilitating and limiting LGBTQ+ inclusion and organisation. This will have future implications for how universities address current debates around inclusive university policy.

I was drawn to the LGBTQ+ histories of university students during my BA Education Studies degree at UCL’s Institute of Education. My experiences working in student/staff partnerships and working with passionate and encouraging professors at UCL inspired me to pursue a master’s. Upon finishing my undergraduate degree, I was selected for the Institute of Education Faculty Medal Award.

I look forward to seeing how my research changes and develops as I engage in everything the University of Oxford has to offer. I would like to be part of creating a more inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ students at universities, like many students, staff and lecturers have created for me.