Marcel Schliebs

schliebs oii  quadratic

Digital Social Science (2019 cohort)

Marcel’s research is located at the intersection of political science, statistics and computer science. In his research papers, he has applied statistical methodology to study a variety of phenomenons including strategic voting, foreign aid allocation, computational linguistics/AI for digital text forensics, and epidemiology. During his PhD at Oxford, he plans to develop data-driven methodology for studying elections, including forecasting and monitoring democratic integrity in cyber space.

Marcel holds a BA from Zeppelin University with a major in Political Science and minor in Econometrics, focusing on research methodology, statistics and data analysis. He has a passion for teaching and has instructed more than a dozen of courses and TA formats in Statistics, Mathematics and Econometrics during his undergraduate degree. In addition to his research and teaching, Marcel has worked as a Junior U.S. Correspondent for the German Public TV/Radio, at the French National Election Study, the German Foreign Office, and NATO’s Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction Non-Proliferation Centre.