Jana Macfarlane Horn


Citizenship (2021 cohort)


My PhD focuses on an under-researched area of Criminology – crimes (and harms) committed by supra-national corporations. In particular, I seek to find out how online media outlets frame corporate crime and whether the conventional treatment of corporate ‘accidents, scandals and disasters’ are being challenged with new type of journalism that is citizen-led.

I aim to compare the treatment of five different corporate crime cases in podcasts and documentaries, versus corporation-owned online national news outlets in order to understand what discourses are being presented as newsworthy when it comes to corporate crimes and harms.

I have previously completed a first-class BSc (Hons) in Criminology at the University of Surrey which spiked my interest in corporate crime that continued into my master’s degree. I have then completed an MRes in Criminology at University of Glasgow and was rewarded a distinction for my work. I have previously focussed on online media portrayals of Grenfell Tower Fire, LIBOR manipulation and Volkswagen emission manipulation which I hope to build upon in my doctorate studies.

My general interests in Criminology include corporate crimes, state crimes, crimes stemming from globalisation and neoliberalism; and the subsequent impact of these. My main motivation is to bring more attention and focus to these under-researched areas into Criminology.