Lucrezia Rizzelli

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Criminology (2020 cohort)

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques, with a specialization in Social, Organizational and Work Psychology at the University of Florence, where I was awarded as “Best Psychology Student” in 2017. Afterwards, I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York with a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. During my time at John Jay, I conducted research under Dr. Saul Kassin and Dr. Tammy Gales on false confessions and linguistics, also cooperating with the Innocent Project and participating in research on Plea Bargaining.

My main research interests revolve around crime prevention and criminal justice reform, while always keeping in mind the social, psychological, and human factors. I will be researching the death penalty in Indonesia for drug trafficking and whether it is an efficient deterrent for drug crimes.