Lauren Fox

lauren fox dtp photo

Criminology (2023 cohort)

My research interests centre around the application of intersectional feminist theory to border criminology, and in particular the increasing criminalisation of migration and asylum. I am particularly interested in the experiences of foreign national women in prison, and the treatment of individuals affected by intersectional marginalisation in the asylum process. I look forward to exploring these themes further during my MSc, before progressing to the DPhil Criminology.

Before starting the MSc, I was a Summer Fellow at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, where I worked at Turpin Miller LLP on ongoing deportation and asylum cases, including at the legal aid clinic at HMP Huntercombe. Prior to this, I studied BA Jurisprudence (Law) at Exeter College, University of Oxford, where I received the Toeg Scholarship and the Fitzgerald Prize. I co-ordinated the Oxford Legal Assistance programme, where I was also a trainee, which provided pro bono research and casework for ongoing deportation cases. I am continuing pro bono work this year through a research project with Oxford Pro Bono Publico and Repreive, concerning state responsibility for breaches committed abroad against nationals by non-state actors.

I am on the 1+3 pathway, which is generously supported by the ESRC and the Kingsgate Scholarship (Lincoln College).