Joshua Parker Allen

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International Development (2019 cohort)

Josh Parker Allen is a DPhil candidate at St Antony’s College, Oxford. His work looks at how large, transnational global health research programmes, which conduct research in Uganda, but which are managed from universities in the U.S. and UK, produce knowledge. He is interested in how inequalities in research design, implementation, analysis, and findings-dissemination shape what ends up being ‘known’ about HIV/AIDS. This involves understanding the implications of professional and financial incentive structures for research programmes and individual researchers, and thinking about how these structures constrain and enable different forms of action. He will begin an institutional ethnography of two research programmes in Uganda in 2022.

Josh’s work contributes to the burgeoning field of ‘research on research’ in critical global health, and draws on both medical anthropology and science and technology studies.

Prior to beginning his DPhil in Michaelmas Term, 2021, Josh worked as a research assistant for La Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia, before coming to ODID to read for the MPhil in Development Studies on an ESRC studentship. Josh also holds a BA in Human Sciences from St Catherine’s College, Oxford.