Jessica Milligan

Jessica Milligan

Economics (2015 cohort)

I am currently a first year Economics MPhil student; I will begin my thesis research this summer. I'm curious about considering the design of incentives to promote healthy living choices.

The ever greater financial and social burden of disease really interests me, and I think it would be exciting to use ideas related to behavioural economics to investigate solutions to this problem.

As my undergraduate degree was in Spanish and Russian, I'm looking forward to a chance to combine my language skills with my research; I'm particularly keen to work with Russian data. I’m also interested in Development Economics, and so in the future I’d like to test and refine some of the ideas and models that I develop in my MPhil thesis to data from developing countries.

I graduated in 2012 with a BA from Cambridge in Modern Languages (Spanish and Russian), and then completed the Graduate Diploma in Economics at the School of Oriental and African studies. My interest in health results from an internship at the WHO in Geneva and working in health IT as a management consultant at Accenture from 2013 to 2015.