Greta Semplici

Greta Semplici

Migration (2015 cohort)

I am a DPhil Candidate at the Oxford Department of International Development. My research investigates the problematic and challenging concept of resilience.

I am looking at patterns of adaptation in contexts where crises/shocks/emergencies are not exceptions but the rule, being protracted or repeated over long periods of time.

Previously, I worked for FAO Somalia as Monitoring and Evaluation International Consultant dealing with extensive baseline studies for the “Building Resilience in Somalia” joint initiative in five pilot districts from Somalia South-Central, to Somaliland and Puntland. I also collaborated with LAMA Development and Cooperation Agency and Robert Schuman Centre (European University Institute) for research on formal and informal social protection strategies in Malawi.

I hold a B.A. in Development Economics and International Cooperation from the University of Florence (distinction and honourable mention) and a Master’s in Development Economics from the University of Florence (distinction and honourable mention).