Emma Davies

davies emma

Area Studies (2022 cohort)

My research focuses on the 1929 Women’s War in South-Eastern Nigeria, and how it has been remembered in Nigeria and the Nigerian diaspora. The Women’s War has an extensive historiography, but my research asks what influence the Women’s War has had outside of the academic world. What role does the legacy of the Women’s War play in contemporary communities? How do current female-led protests, such as the EndSARS movement, make use of the memory of the Women’s War? My work involves oral interviews, memory studies, and digital humanities, alongside histories of gender in Africa, within both colonial and neo-colonial frameworks.

I graduated from Queen Mary University of London in 2020 with BA in History (1st, Hons). Since graduating, I have worked in various jobs, whilst trying to keep up with reading new publications on my historical interests! I love working with people, and have worked as a Creative Assistant, a Freelance Artist, and a Library Assistant in a public library. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, drawing, and reading magical realism.