Diana Batchelor

Diana Batchelor

Experimental Psychology (2015 cohort)

I conduct research on meetings between victims and offenders (part of a response to crime known as restorative justice) from a social psychological perspective. I draw on the rich intergroup contact literature to guide my investigation of the precursors, mechanisms and outcomes of such meetings.

My research has two main purposes: firstly, test and develop contact theory in a high-intensity, real-world setting and secondly, to enhance current understanding of restorative justice at a critical time in the development of UK policy and practice.

My current research is inspired by my experience as a frontline practitioner, supporting victims and facilitating restorative justice meetings. Here, I witnessed the transformative power of a restorative approach but was concerned about the significant gaps in the underlying theory, particularly with regard to victims’ experiences

I have an MA in International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame, USA and an MSc in Forensic Psychology from Middlesex University, UK. I have worked for almost 10 years in the fields of conflict resolution and criminal justice in the UK, South Africa and Lebanon.