David Sturrock

David Sturrock

Economics (2014 cohort)

My MPhil research focuses on behavioural and evolutionary game theory. I am examining 'partnership' games in which players communicate with each other before exerting effort on a joint project.

I am exploring the form and welfare properties of these interactions when players have a psychological aversion to lying and determining the preferences for lying that would be expected to emerge from an evolutionary process.

In general, I am interested in microeconomic theory including behavioural economics and game theory. I am interested in issues of strategic communication and, in particular, how alternative dispute resolution institutions may improve efficiency of conflict resolution. I am also interested in the way that norms and preferences may evolve in relation to communication. I would like to explore links with philosophical research on the evolution of morality.

Before the MPhil, I worked for 2 years in the Government Economic Service in the UK Treasury. My undergraduate degree was in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, here at Oxford.