Cyrus Nayeri

Cyrus Nayeri

Geography and the Environment (2015 cohort)

I am following the 1+3 pathway through the Nature, Society and Environmental Governance MSc and DPhil in Geography and the Environment.

My work draws on a combination of cultural geography and science studies to explore approaches to managing natural hazards. I employ a range of ethnographic, archival and participatory methods to understand the social processes which through which scientists and publics understand and prepare for the possibilities of unknown future events. This is achieved through a focus on volcanic hazards with fieldwork conducted on the South Coast of Iceland. This work builds towards the development of new participatory approaches to managing volcanic hazards.

I joined the School of Geography and Environment in October 2010 for my BA in Geography (2010-2013) and completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Geography) at the University of Cambridge (2014-2015).

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