Conrad Kunadu


International Relations (2023 cohort)

I am an MPhil candidate at Trinity College, University of Oxford. My research interests, broadly, are international cooperation and governance of emerging technologies and existential risks. This includes nuclear security, governance of artificial intelligence, and climate governance. However, I am currently most interested in international biodefense and pandemic prevention. In particular, I am interested in what institutions and norms are needed to ensure effective biotechnology governance; bioterrorism prevention; effective disease surveillance, and a coordinated outbreak countermeasure response.

Prior to joining Oxford’s DPIR, I’ve worked in an early-stage education technology startup (Coleap) in an operations and community management role; did project management at Longview Philanthropy, and took part in the Existential Risk Alliance (ERA) Cambridge Fellowship as a Biosecurity Research Fellow after a period of independent study in biosecurity. Before then, I graduated from the University of Oxford with a First Class in BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics, where I was awarded two academic prizes and two essay prizes. I am currently co-running the Oxford Biosecurity Group, and am ultimately excited about launching highly impactful projects.