Alexandra Zeitz

Alexandra Zeitz

International Relations (2015 cohort)

I am a DPhil student in International Relations. My research investigates the implications of new lending to African governments by emerging bilateral lenders, including China, and a wider range of private creditors.

This diversity of financing has created new opportunities for African governments and raised the possibility of greater room for maneouvre in loan negotiations now that borrowers may play creditors off each other. My doctoral project explains why some states have benefited more from this diversified financing context than others.

I am currently a pre-doctoral fellow with the Global Economic Governance Programme at the Blavatnik School of Government, where I am involved in a project on the international diffusion of banking regulation to developing countries. I also write regularly for the blog of the Political Economy of Financial Markets programme at St. Antony’s College.

Prior to my DPhil, I worked as a Research Officer at the Global Economic Governance Programme and completed an MPhil in International Relations (with distinction) at Oxford. Before that, I received a first class BA (Hons) in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from King’s College, Cambridge.