Housecure - Corporate Strategy Internship

Housecure is a PropTech company that is developing the first digital conveyancing platform. Housecure will be FCA regulated.


The housing market is a cornerstone of the UK economy yet the process of buying and selling a home is complex, inefficient, and not mandated in law. 

We are developing an online platform to simplify the existing system which includes a mechanism to protect buyers and sellers until contracts are exchanged as this is when transactions fail costing over £800 million per year. Housecure will deliver this core innovation through an app that will guide buyers and sellers through each step of the conveyancing process with complete transparency. 

In addition, we intend to develop a dispute resolution platform which will resolve any issues that arise along the way to reduce the current 1 in 4 failure rate for house sales. 


The current aim is for the individual to support strategy, research and analysis. The person will be involved in all aspects of the business as we develop strategies to scale the business.

In addition, the person will assist in the development of (i) the dispute resolution platform and (ii) a tool that will educate buyers and sellers on how to settle disputes.

Expected Outcome: 

The deliverables are researching the current market, undertaking competitor analysis, proposing business strategies, reviewing marketing options and helping develop the dispute resolution platform. 

The individual will learn to use their research skills to develop a business strategy which will then be put in practice. The strategy will then be reviewed and refined in a continuous feedback structure.


There is a future role for interested candidates. There are no essential skills required. 

It is beneficial for the applicant to be comfortable undertaking independent research and to have studied business, marketing, negotiation strategies or alternative dispute resolution techniques.

To apply, please send a CV and a short statement specifying why you are interested in this role to Dr Denitsa Filipova ( by 11 December 2020. For DPhil students who are not funded by the ESRC, funding for this placement is available via the ABC scheme.