GUDTP Events Terms and Conditions

In booking onto a GUDTP event, you agree that:


COMMITMENT: application is not an expression of interest; it is a firm commitment. You will be available for the full duration of the course session(s); if you are not, please do not make a booking. You will not accept any subsequent meeting invitations that fall during the given event times.


PRE-WORK / HOMEWORK: if applicable, you will complete any given pre-work and/or homework as described on the web listing, as it constitutes part of the event.


CANCELLATION: should your circumstances change, and you are not able to attend the full session(s) you will inform us via email giving at least 72-hours’ notice, so we can offer the place to someone on the waiting list.


ARRIVAL: you will join, or arrive at, the event 5 minutes before the advertised start time, to ensure a prompt start.


LATE POLICY: you understand that the online room will be locked / door will be closed 10 minutes after the event start time and late-comers may not be admitted. This is to preserve the integrity of the course for those who are present.


ENGAGEMENT: you will give the session your undivided attention and engagement. You will not be able to do other tasks in parallel. If online, you will ensure that your environment and internet connection allow you participate verbally and with video cameras on, if required. If these are interactive events it is not appropriate to attend from a silent or shared workspace.


ATTENDANCE RECORD: you understand the Register will be taken in the last half-hour of the course, and anyone not present in the room at that point will be marked as non -attending (see below).


FEEDBACK: if requested you will contribute feedback afterwards to help us understand how well the session met its intended aims and facilitate our continuous improvement.


CONSEQUENCES OF NON-ATTENDANCE: you understand that any non-attendance may result in any future bookings you’ve made within the same term being cancelled, especially if these involve external trainers paid for by the DTP, and the place(s) offered to those on the waiting list.