Fusion Arts


We’re seeking an intern on placement specifically to contribute to researching and developing Fusion Arts’ newly emerging community arts programme centred around experimentation, innovation and sustainability as we move forward in our post-pandemic context.

These themes will play out through several projects, and we envisage that the intern on placement with us would devise appropriate project monitoring and iterative evaluation methods, as well as draw in associated research methodologies from related disciplines to inform the development and documentation of the projects.

As we are at an early stage with this themed work, the intern will have considerable freedom in choosing which aspect of the project to focus on, and will also have the opportunity to contribute to devising and developing specific work strands within the project, alongside identifying partnerships allied to relevant research areas and research networks.

Project Aim

  • Developing a community-facing project focused on changing attitudes to food production as a result of the pandemic, and using food history and food production as focal points for developing community cohesion across different cultures in Oxford. An overarching aim of this is also to encourage communities to understand the environmental sustainability impacts of food production relevant to their own experience and consider different behaviours in the future.
  • Developing an ‘Experimental Arts Lab for the New Normal’: providing space and support for artists to experiment, innovate, and fail, and reiterate, in a quest to re-envision their work as artists and their interaction with communities in the post-pandemic context, with a particular focus on sustainability both from an environmental and economic perspective.

The placement holder could choose one of these projects to work alongside, or develop their own area of work that sits alongside both projects or draws in related work to understand the relationship between experimentation, innovation and sustainability in the context of community arts.

The intern would be supervised by Artistic Director Kieran Cox and Deputy Director Miranda Laurence (as determined by the area of work devised by the placement-holder). They have the opportunity to work close alongside Fusion Arts as we develop the organisation. They will work closely alongside the rest of the Fusion Arts team, which mostly consists of freelance arts professionals including project manager, communications and marketing, and artists.

The intern would be expected to contribute to and/or author reports about the development and evaluation of the specific projects, and through this may also contribute to funding applications or other project proposals. There may be further opportunities for presenting their work to our partner organisations across Oxford, and to our communities and stakeholders in Oxford.


3-6 months (PT) starting in the end of October/beginning on November 2020.

Applicant profile


Committed to social justice and sustainability

Self-starter, able to use own initiative and work independently

Good communication skills both in person and in writing

An ability and enthusiasm for thinking out of the box

A willingness to work directly with diverse individuals and communities


An interest in arts/ community arts

Experience in working with diverse individuals/communities


All staff and volunteers are required to undertake a Level 1 Safeguarding Course with the Oxfordshire Safeguarding Board, and will also be required to have a DBS check through Fusion Arts if they will be working with children or vulnerable adults