The Grand Union DTP, its students and the Scholars' Assocation host a variety of events across the partnership covering a wide range of topics and themes. Event details over the coming academic year are listed below. All current events can also be viewed on the Grand Union DTP's Eventbrite page here. Additional events not directly sponsored by the GUDTP but still highly relevant to Social Sciences students are also listed below. 


**Please note that due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, the DTP will be re-working its event and training activities term card covering the remainder of Academic Year 2019-20. Updates will be made to this page and circulated as the new programme is confirmed moving forward.**

DTP Events 2019-20

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When: 30th July 2020

Where: Microsoft Teams virtual meeting space

In lieu of the annual Grand Union DTP conference, we will be hosting thematic webinars giving ESRC-funded students the opportunity to present a 10 minute overview of their research.

Presentations should be accessible and interesting for a non-specialist audience.

The aim of the session will be:

  1. To practice presenting research succinctly and to a generalist audience in a short period of time (as if for a job talk or for a wider public);
  2. To connect to students within the DTP across disciplines, pathways, and institutions;
  3. To provide an opportunity to learn about the research that is taking place across the DTP.

We will hold the thematic webinar on Thursday 30th July (2pm-4pm). Hour long webinars will run simultaneously and be organised around specific, cross-pathway themes, depending on who is interested in presenting. Adjustments may need to be made in the case of over-subscription to one or both days.

To participate, please register your interest via the following links:

**The deadline for registration to present is 23rd July (for 30th July session). Full details are available on the Eventbrite page.

All panels will be run on Teams and be open to all DTP students to come and listen, and engage. For those students that do not wish to present but would like to join the session to listen to the presentations, please also register at the above link but enter ‘N/A’ for the questions involving thesis and research information on the registration form(s). Alternatively, you can send a brief email the DTP inbox and request to be added to the meeting invite list.


When: TBC

Where: Microsoft Teams virtual meeting space

Booking link: TBC

Book a session with DTP Director Professor Alex Betts to discuss your doctoral journey, collaboration, and how things are progressing. More dates will be announced later in the summer. 

External Events & Training Opportunities

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The Department of International Development has organised a series called the 'Oxford Development Talks' to showcase the best of Oxford thinking on international development and to make it accessible to a wider general public. The talks will take a variety of forms, from lectures to interviews, and will take key ideas from research and explain them in an accessible way. All the talks will be live on Zoom at regular points during Trinity Term 2020. Themes will include:


  • 'How Covid-19 Will Affect the Global Poor'

Monday 18th May, 2pm 

Sabina Alkire 

  • 'China's Growth Strategy, and What It Means for the World'

Tuesday 26th May, 2pm 

Xiaolan Fu

  • 'Space, Class and Social Distancing in the Indian City'

Monday 1st June, 2pm 

Nandini Gooptu

  • ‘Migration Control and Human Rights in the Pandemic Era'

Monday 8th June, 2pm 

Cathryn Costello

  • 'The Growing Costs of Inequality: Lessons from Latin America'

Monday, 15th June, 2pm 

Diego Sanchez-Ancochea

  • 'Islam in the Changing World'

Friday, 19th June, 2pm 

Masooda Bano

  • 'The Politics of Pandemics in Africa' 

Monday, 22nd June, 2pm 

Simukai Chigudu 

  • 'Should We Abolish Immigration Control?'

Monday, 29th June, 2pm 

Matthew Gibney 


To access the complete programme and registration details, please visit


An exciting opportunity has come up for DTP students to attend a number of webinars scheduled throughout May and June, covering relevant topics across the Social Sciences and sponsored by the ESRC Incubator Fund. Themes will include:

  • 3G Internet and Confidence in Government

  • Structural Reforms and Elections: Evidence from a World-Wide New Dataset

  • Africa’s Latent Assets: or, how to be optimistic about African development

  • Will the EU survive?

  • German Division and Reunification and the "Effects" of Communism

  • Measuring Textual Sophistication in Specific Domains Using Machine Learning

  • Populism and Economic Decline

  • The Brexit Vote and Labour Demand: Evidence from Online Job Postings

  • The Democratic Scar of Epidemics

The webinar series will feature a different speaker each week with opportunity for Q&A. To access the complete programme and registration details, please visit


Please find below the relevant links to access researcher development training opportunities at each partner institution. Due to the implications of COVID-19, large amounts of training and courses have been transitioned to being offered online. 



The Open Univeristy will be hosting a "lockdown lecture" series starting from May, covering themes that may especially be of interest in the current context. These sessions are open to all DTP students, and the provisional schedule is outlined below:


Date and Time

Session Title

12 May 10:00-11:00

Not your own data? Separating data collection from analysis in a qualitative project

12 May 14:00-15:00

What are the issues in re-thinking fieldwork – practically, theoretically, ethically?

19 May 10:00-12:00;


Using video for research communication 1

2 June (whole day)

Using video for research communication 2

9 June 14:00-15:00


16 June 14:00-15:00

Interdisciplinary PhD by published works: weaving the threads together

23 June 11:00-12:00

Does that sound right to you? The practice and ethics of collecting data online

30 June (TBC)

Using video for research communication 3

7 July 10:00-11:00

The researcher at home: using popular culture and digital archives as data

14 July 10:00-11:00

Opportunities missed: then the rains came down and washed the writing away


**The sessions will take place in the Doctoral Training Room (Adobe Connect). OU staff and students can sign in using this internal link; attendees from outside the OU can sign in using the public link (access this a few minutes before the session to give the moderator time to let you in).


Where specific training is not available at your home institution, training courses may be available instead at one of our partner institutions. If you have any questions about accessing training listed on the above sites, please make the DTP office at your home institution your first contact and they can assist you from there. 

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