Economic & Social History

Oxford is a leading centre for the study of economic and social history through the application of modern social science theory and methods.

Oxford has been a participant in MACROHIST, an FP-7 funded training network in macroeconomic history. Other centres with the Faculty that provide additional specialist expertise include the Centre for the History of Childhood, the Modern European Research Centre, the Centre for Global History, and the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine.


The 1+3.5 and 2+2.5 routes are based on the MSc and MPhil courses in Economic and Social History. These prepare graduates to undertake research in economic and social history, and they teach the quantitative and qualitative research methods. The 2+2.5 route is the preferred route for doctoral students, and the normal expectation is that fully-funded students entering the programme take this route.

The +3.5 route is provided for students who have already completed a relevant Master’s degree with training that meets the ESRC 2022 Training Guidelines, typically in Economic & Social History. Occasionally, outstanding students are admitted to the +3.5 route with a Master’s degree in either history or economics.

Recently, students have carried out placements at The Financial Times, The Economist, Avantium Investment Management and the German Broadcast Association. They have also been involved in social enterprise initiatives and in a European student network.

Students are given assistance in preparing papers for publication, including submissions for the Oxford Economic and Social History Discussion Paper series. These are formally refereed and constructive feedback is provided.  This series is widely cited, and publication allows students to bring their work to the attention of the wider academic community.  This often represents the first step in placing the work in a respected journal.

Pathway leader: Prof Stephen Broadberry


University of Oxford

Faculty of History
Structure of provision: 1+3.5, 2+2.5, +3.5