African Families in the UK (AFiUK)


African Families in the UK is a community group which helps African families (and other migrant families) integrate to life in the UK. We also run WOW Space which is a safe space for women ran by women. The aim of the community support group is to empower, educate and provide a friendly support network for migrant women in the community.

The intern will be tasked with completing some research for us which will help inform and shape AFiUK’s strategy in the future (see list of research questions further down). 1-1 interviews and focus groups will be the primary means of conducting research (all of these can be done online via zoom, etc.). Research can also take place at our community centre once this reopens (planned reopening in September). 

In addition to conducting a piece of research, the student will be able to gain practical experience of working in a community organisation and conduct advocacy work on behalf of our clients (this might involve engaging with the council, schools, legal aid lawyers, citizens advice, etc.)

The student will complete research with us which will inform the organisation's strategy in the future.

There may be a conference in October during Black History Month within the community (this is dependent on COVID-19).


3 months (P/T), starting in the end of October.

Essential and desirable skills:

  • Passion and desire to work with migrant families. 
  • Interpersonal skills – ability to handle tough issues and communicate effectively. 
  • Organisation skills – ability to manage time effectively and meet deadlines. 

*Due to the nature of the work involved, any student who wishes to help out with WOW Space, the community group for migrant women, must be female.  

Research Questions

The impact of COVID-19 on BME communities in the UK

  • How are BME communities being affected?
  • What are the reasons for this?
  • How can advocacy/support organisations act to help BME communities/improve resilience to future threats

The impact of the UK policing and judicial system on the BME community/young people

  • How has the death of George Floyd affected the UK? Has anything changed? 
  • Police brutality in the UK 
  • How do young people in the BME community feel about the events happening in the US? How do they feel about policing/the judicial system in the UK/Oxford?
  • What relationship do local police forces have with young people/BME communities? 
  • How can advocacy/support organisations work to build a positive relationship between communities and police forces? How can they protect young people and raise awareness of discrimination?

Improving the work of advocacy/support organisations and networks

  • What is their role in the communities? How are they funded?
  • How can organisations help more people? How can they increase community engagement?
  • What issues are affected migrant communities in Oxford/UK the most? How can organisations like AFIUK act to mitigate these/empower migrant communities?

Empowering migrant women in the community (secondary research only)

  • What issues effect migrant women in Oxford/the UK?
  • What can organisations do to empower migrant women?