Virginia Nizza

nizza photo

International Relations (2019 cohort)

My primary research interests lie within the cyber domain of security studies. I am keen to explore the question of whether cyber security transcends and escapes traditional norms and concepts of international relations, with a particular emphasis on Westphalian state sovereignty. I intend to focus on unpacking the European Union’s approach towards determining the role of state sovereignty within cyber governance, thus bringing to the fore questions on what it means and entails to exercise sovereignty in cyberspace whilst undermining the currently dichotomous interpretation of the debate on the nature of statehood in the cyber domain.                      

Prior to joining Oxford’s DPIR, I obtained a BA in International Relations with First Class Honours from the War Studies Department at King’s College London, where in 2016 I was awarded the Sir Michael Howard Excellence Award. I consolidated my interest in cyber security through a research collaboration with a Florence-based academic think tank, the Centre for Cyber Security and International Relations Studies (CCSIRS).