Eleanor Whittingdale


ewhittingdale photo

Socio-Legal Studies (2019 cohort)

My doctoral project stems from my interest in law as a social phenomenon and the ways in which law is experienced in legal spaces outside of the courtroom. Adopting a feminist legal perspective, my project attends to the ways in which law narrates the lived experience of sexual violence.

I joined the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies after reading an MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society at the London School of Economics. Whilst at the LSE I wrote for the international relations journal The London Globalist and undertook an internship at the human rights charity Amicus. Before pursuing postgraduate studies, I read Law at Durham University and participated in a year reading Law abroad at the National University of Singapore. Whilst completing my studies at Durham I founded and ran the Durham University Human Rights Journal and was an active participant in the university’s Pro-Bono Society.