Our Studentships

The Grand Union DTP offers at least 35 studentships each year. Studentships cover tuition fees and, depending on a student's residency, living costs (the annual stipend rate for 2017-18 is £14,553 - please note that for part-time students, the annual stipend is paid at 50%). Students are also able to access a variety of other pots of funding. More information about the funding available is provided on the Funding support pages.

Studentships are offered across the 24 pathways offered by the DTP. Of the total of at least 35 studentships available for students starting in October 2017, four Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) studentships will be awarded to students pursuing quantitative reseach designed and approaches deemed 'advanced' within their own field.

In addition to funding for fees and living costs, DTP students benefit from being able to access a wide range of training available at the three universities in the DTP.

A Masters qualification is not a prerequisite for the award of a studentship from the Grand Union DTP. All pathways have routes through them for students without a Masters, with training designed for individuals, based on an assessment of their prior learning and training needs.

Some routes are available for part-time students as well as full-time students. By 2019-20, the DTP plans that all pathways will have at least one route available for part-time students.

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