Victoria Murphy

vm pic

ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow (2020) 

My research focuses on the intersection of organisational and individual learning. During my PhD I explored how energy companies help their workers to learn from incidents, focusing on what companies do, what they hope this will achieve, and identifying beneficial practices and sector-wide barriers. The results of this research have been transformed into a freely available workshop on measuring learning and some informational videos, available at My ESRC postdoc will build on these results by continuing to collaborate with the energy sector by finding and testing simple ways that companies can support upskilling their workers, tackling some of the identified barriers. As learning from incidents isn’t unique to the energy sector, I will also be engaging other sectors, such as healthcare, to understand what lessons different groups can learn from each other.

My background involves bringing together engineering and learning in variety of ways. Professionally I’ve held positions in Google and a tech-start up, where I streamlined and improved the content of different learning systems and technologies. My PhD combined an engineering context with research methods from the learning sciences, gathering evidence on what works for learning in practice. I am thrilled to continue working closely with both industry and academia, combining different disciplines to create novel solutions to real-life problems.