Suraj Nair

International Development (2018)


suraj nair

My research interests are in the Economics of Institutions and their relation to the development trajectories of South East Asian Economies.  In particular, I am looking to understand the institutional determinants of industrial policy driving success in the region.  I will initially focus my research on Malaysia, with an aim to hopefully expanding it to a wider regional comparative case study for a potential DPhil in International Development. I am a member of St Cross College, working towards an MPhil in Development Studies in the Department of International Development. I then hope to continue to the DPhil in International Development.


Following chartered accountancy training with the ACCA, I enrolled to study for a BSc in Economics from Cardiff University.  I graduated with a first-class honours degree, within which I focused on game theory, social welfare, and the economics of development.  Whilst at Cardiff, my extracurricular activities ranged from tutoring to student mentoring.