Sarah Schneider-Alia

sarah schneider alia

Sociology (2019 cohort)

Sarah is examining the effect of emigration of household members on educational attainment of left-behind teenagers and young adults in Albania – known for its mass emigration. Understanding the link between migration and education in sending countries is crucial for policy-making. By employing the Albanian LSMS-dataset (11,000 youngsters) and conducting a high school survey in Albania herself can provide causal insight into: (i) how money sent back to the emigrant’s former household in the country of origin is (positively) associated with school attendance of children of emigrants while (ii) parental absence due to migration is (possibly negatively) associated with educational attainment and enrolment and (iii) labour market information of migration destination countries likewise affects educational decision-making.                                              

After having graduated from the University of Mannheim in Germany with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Psychology, Sarah obtained an MPhil degree in Sociology and Demography at the University of Oxford (Nuffield College). Prior to coming to Oxford, Sarah interned at the Research Services of the German Parliament and while in Mannheim taught a revision class about the social structure of Germany and worked part-time as a research assistant in the Mannheim Institute of Public Health, co-authoring a systematic review on the influence of the food industry on child obesity.