Sarah Hadfield

sarah hadfield

I am researching childfree young women’s experiences of temporary employment and how this intersects with financial autonomy to shape their lives. This is particularly relevant in the context of youth transitions were early labour market experiences can shape and scar futures. Employment is the gateway to many citizens rights and the welfare state has been built on the idea of a male workforce that has consistent labour market attachment.

I have worked as a Researcher and Evaluator for the NHS and as Research Assistant the University of Leicester. I have a MRes in Labour Market Studies (University of Leicester) and a BA in International Relations (University of Leicester). 




Selected academic (only) research dissemination outputs:


Furlong, A. Goodwin, J. O’Connor, H. Hadfield, S. Hall, S. Lowden, K. Plugor, R (2018). Young People in the Labour Market: Past, Present, Future. Routledge. (research funded by the ESRC)

Conference presentation

Hadfield, S. The Lost Generation in political discourse around youth unemployment, 2015, Journal for Youth Studies Conference, 30th march – 1st April 2015 Copenhagen.

Hadfield, S. Unemployed young adult’s experiences of welfare agencies, the Journal for Youth Studies Conference, 30th march – 1st April 2015 Copenhagen

Hadfield, S. (2014). Youth unemployment experiences of welfare agencies, BSA Annual Conference, 23-25 April, Leeds.

Hadfield, S.,  and Plugor R., (2014) Researching precarious work and youth labour markets: Practical and Methodological Issues in Secondary Analysis of Historical data. Making the ‘Precariat’: Unemployment, Insecurity and Work-Poor Young Adults in Harsh Economic Conditions. College Court, University of Leicester

Goodwin, J. O’Connor, H. Hadfield, S. and Furlong, A. (2013) ‘The making of the ‘precariat’, New Agenda on youth and Young Adults’, Youth Studies Conference, 8-10th April 2013, Glasgow.

Journal articles:

Khalifa, N., Hadfield, S., Thomson, L., Talbot, E., Bird, Y., Schneider, J., Attfield, J., Völlm, B., Bates, P. and Walker, D.-M. (2019) ‘Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of individual placement and support (IPS) for patients with offending histories in the community: The United Kingdom experience’, British Journal of Occupational Therapy, [Online]. DOI: 10.1177/0308022619879334.