Nilo Pedrazzini

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I am a second-year DPhil student in Linguistics at the University of Oxford, where I study early Slavic syntax, focussing on contact (spec. Greek) phenomena in (Old) Church Slavonic and their synchronic status in the earliest attestations. I am currently working on the discourse functions of participle clauses, using a combination of quantitative corpus methods and formal semantic modelling.

Beyond the immediate scope of my DPhil project, I am particularly interested in the intersection between data science, machine learning and the humanities. I am working towards the expansion of historical digital treebanks of Slavic (the TOROT Treebank) and on the development of computational tools for text processing, including pre-modern Cyrillic handwritten text recognition (HTR) and early Slavic dependency parsing. 

I hold an MSt in Slavonic Studies from the University of Oxford, where I focussed on the history of Church Slavonic and gained reading knowledge of the Serbian standard of modern BCS. I obtained a BA in Russian and English from the University of Pavia (Italy), where I also received my core training in linguistics at postgraduate level.