Nilo Pedrazzini

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My DPhil project investigates the status and development of non-finite clauses in the early history of Slavonic. The question stems from the long-standing debate on the delimitation of native and foreign (mostly Greek) syntactic elements in Old Church Slavonic. In particular, certain non-finite clauses are thought of as essentially native constructions which have expanded their scope under Greek influence, while others seem likely to be outright syntactic borrowings. In my research, I will attempt to substantiate these claims quantitatively, assessing the relative importance of language-internal and -external factors in determining the distribution of such phenomena. Collaterally, I will exploit and enhance digital corpora of early Slavonic (mainly the TOROT Treebank), especially working towards their expansion with South Slavonic original textsBesides the early history of Slavonic, I am interested in wider Indo-European historical linguistics and PIE linguistic reconstruction. I also have a soft spot for logic and its application in formal semantics. 

I hold an MSt in Slavonic Studies from the University of Oxford, where I focussed on the history of Church Slavonic and gained reading knowledge of the Serbian standard of modern BCS. I obtained a BA in Russian and English from the University of Pavia (Italy), where I also received my core training in linguistics at postgraduate level.