Niccolo Lollini

niccolo lollini

 Area Studies (2016 cohort)

My MPhil research explores agricultural and rural development in Japan. It focuses on the role socio-cultural norms and national narratives in impeding neoliberal reforms. My DPhil research is concerned with the recent rise of counter-urbanization in Japan. My research explores local attempts to revitalise regional Japan and its declining agricultural sector by focusing on the experiences of urban youth choosing to pursue a farming career. I look at the changing role of agricultural cooperatives, the reproduction of farming knowledge and practices, and property-related issues such as farmland and housing abandonment.

In addition to Japan’s social anthropology, I am also interested in media culture, food systems, and ethnobiology. 

I hold a MA in International Relations from Waseda University (Japan) and a BA in International Relations from Bologna University (Italy). Before coming to Oxford, I worked for three years in agriculture.