Mirta Stantic

Psychology (2018)

mirta stantic

I conduct research on representational geometries of high-level visual categories (mostly faces, but also objects, scenes, etc.) in healthy and impaired populations. I aim to explain how healthy visual processing works through understanding the gaps in impaired processing. My previous research with prosopagnosic patients aimed to explain category-specific visual processing and failures of category-specific recognition. My current research with autistic patients aims to explain components necessary for healthy processing of facial motion in life-like situations. In conducting my research, I use both behavioural tasks and neural modelling to explain the difference between healthy individuals’ functioning and impairments in disordered populations.

I have a BA from Harvard University where I studied Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience with Prof. George Alvarez and Prof. Ken Nakayama. Before coming to Oxford, I worked at Facebook as a data analyst in the Recruiting and HR organizations for three years.