Mats Ahrenshop


Politics (2019 cohort)

I study the political economy of development and redistribution. I focus specifically on taxation, insurance, and economic inequality in low-income countries. In my dissertation, I examine (i) how citizen preferences over taxation and redistribution change as a function of the effectiveness of public goods provision and the efficiency of the tax system, and (ii) how these preferences translate into electoral accountability for public finance. This helps us understand how to incentivize tax compliance among citizens and informs good governance in low-income countries. 

I obtained an MPhil in Comparative Politics from the University of Oxford in 2019, and a BA in Politics and Economics from the University of Münster, Germany, in 2017. I hold the ESRC Advanced Quantitative Methods (AQM) scholarship. I mainly use field experiments, but also survey experiments and quasi-experimental methods for causal inference to study problems of governance in low-income countries. My research has been published in World Development. I also teach advanced statistics at the Oxford Q-Step Centre.