Leonie Hoffmann

 International Development (2018)


leonie hoffmann

I am an DPhil candidate in Development Studies. My primary interest concerns the role of labour – or the lack thereof – in the political contestation over distributive futures.

My research project aims to investigate how the recent policy debate on universal social protection and employment creation in South Africa interacted with perceptions of national and international environments, such as economic and labour market trajectories, global technological ‘trends’ towards automation, and policy positions of major international organisations. It furthermore aims to place this analysis within a broader political-economic framework that allows to examine the relative weight of such discursive considerations and their bearing upon the concrete policy-making process by investigating the structural power of their respective proponents.

Prior to joining the MPhil programme, I obtained a first class BA (Hons) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford. My professional experience includes social network analysis for regional development projects in Austria and Tunisia and fieldwork coordination at a large-scale social policy evaluation in South Africa. I am currently on leave from Austria’s national labour organisation, where I worked on vocational training and labour market policy, with a focus on women and on digitalisation.