Kenneth Stiller

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International Relations (2019 cohort)

Kenneth is interested in the political economy of international trade and quantitative methods. In his DPhil dissertation, he analyses the aggregation of trade-related preferences, the agency of trade blocs in international relations and the development of common foreign economic policies. In previous research, Kenneth employed an economic diplomacy framework to analyse how participation in multilateral trade disputes affects the design of preferential trade agreements through institutional learning. 

Kenneth holds a BA (distinction) in Political science and Economics from the University of Mannheim, Germany, with an emphasis on political economy, foreign aid and regional integration. He was Adam-von-Trott scholar at the University of Oxford, where he obtained a master’s degree (distinction) in International Relations, focussing on political economy and quantitative methods, particularly on the dynamics of international trade and regional integration. Over the past years, Kenneth worked for the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the German Federal Foreign Office and the United Nations Development Programme, a non-governmental environmental organisation as well as the Chilean institute for local and regional studies. Moreover, he volunteered for charities in Madagascar and Argentina and participated in an election observation mission to Eastern Ukraine in 2014.