Joseph McAulay

Criminology (2018)

Joseph McAulay pic

My research is concerned with the experience of sexual minority men who encounter intimate partner violence from their male partners. Specifically, my project aims to understand the process by which such men come to leave these relationships, and the barriers that exist to frustrate or complicate these efforts. Situated within the wider field of victimology, my research will attempt to understand the process by which these men recognise and label the abuse within their relationships as unjustified and criminal, and attempt to identify what factors subsequently shape their decisions about what sources of support are accessed and why. In this way, my research will contribute to filling a large gap in current domestic and relationship violence literature, which has failed to account for the experiences of sexual minority men who experience intimate partner violence. My project is supervised by Professor Carolyn Hoyle and is funded by a 1 + 3 Economic and Social Research Council studentship. I am also a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Law Faculty, teaching Criminology to final year students. 

In addition to his Dphil studies, I have worked on a number of different research projects including for the University of Edinburgh and the University of Oxford's Pro Bono Publico free law research clinic as a research assistant. I am currently a member of the Cameroon Conflict Research Group which researches and reports on the ongoing civil conflict and humanitarian crisis occurring within Cameroon and have contributed to both its initial report and a second upcoming article. Prior to beginning my DPhil, I completed an MSc in Criminology & Criminal Justice at the Centre for Criminology in Oxford, achieving a grade of Distinction. Before this, between 2013-2017 I studied Law at the University of Edinburgh where I achieved First Class Honours. I was also awarded the McClintock Prize in Criminology for achieving the highest mark in a criminological subject of the entire honours year group.