Jessica Sandelson

Jessica Sandelson

Anthropology (2016 cohort)

I am a DPhil candidate in Social and Cultural Anthropology, specialising in Medical Anthropology.

I am currently undertaking 18 months of immersive ethnographic research with transgender identifying people in Brighton, who are affected by disordered eating. Research into trans disordered eating is dominated by psychological case studies and surveys. These tend to isolate individuals from their social worlds and adopt a singular narrative of trans embodiment, in which transgender appears as pathological. Instead, this project explores the diverse bodily experiences of trans adults with disordered eating. Using participant observation and creative methods, my research asks how a range of disordered eating behaviours interact with other bodily practices, including body modification, intimacy, and sex, in shaping how people feel in their bodies. My doctoral research is supervised by Prof Elisabeth Hsu and Dr Thomas Hendriks.

I hold an MSc in Medical Anthropology from Oxford University, an MSc in Social Policy and Planning, from LSE, and BA Hons History from University of Cambridge.

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