Giacomo Gabbuti

giacomo gabbuti

Economic and Social History (2017 cohort)

I am currently a first year DPhil in Economic and Social History at St. Antony's College, University of Oxford. My research interests focus on the measurement and understanding of wellbeing, poverty, inequality and social mobility in historical perspective. So far, my work has focused on the economic history of Italy, especially in the interwar period, when the country witnessed the emergence of the first European fascist regime. My MPhil Dissertation, A Noi! Economic Inequality and the Political Economy of Fascist Italy, provided new estimates for labour and capital shares, and top income and top wealth shares, for the period c. 1890-1945. In my DPhil, following recent developments based on the use of rare surnames, I try to move a step further, by investigating whether the economic and political élites of the country were able to maintain their privilege throughout the economic and political transformations experienced by the country in the long twentieth century.

Previously, I studied economics (BA and MSc) at the University of Rome 'Tor Vergata', then I worked as a Research Assistant for the Historical Household Budgets (HHB) Project (, to which I still participate as a researcher. In 2015, I was granted an Oxford-Rokos Scholarship, and moved to Oxford for reading an MPhil in Economic and Social History at Pembroke College, awarded with Distinction.