Gabriela Smarrelli

Economics (2018)

gabriela smarrelli

My research interests are focused on generating empirical evidence that informs about the impact of public policies on fostering human capital accumulation. Through my research, I will study the determinants of mental health and non-cognitive skills formation in low and middle income countries, as these two aspects of human development have been proven to be crucial to achieve better socio-economic outcomes. I will be focusing on studying the effects of becoming beneficiary of specific social programmes (e.g, Conditional Cash Transfers, School Training) and the role of parental investments in fostering mental health and non-cognitive skills at different stages of a child’s development.

I gained my bachelor degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Peru) and worked in Lima in the design of policy reforms and the evaluation of social programs. After gaining professional experience in Peru, I pursued a Master of Public Administration at the London School of Economics. While studying the MPA, I focused on quantitative empirical analysis in the education and health sector and worked on research related to the determinants of child and maternal health in Peru and early childhood development in Timor Leste. After completing the master, I joined EDePo at the Institute for Fiscal Studies to continue working on research related to human capital accumulation. At EDePo I worked in a research evaluation of a randomized control trial that aimed to improve female adolescents’ wellbeing in India.