Kathryn Farrow

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Criminology (2019 cohort)

Over recent years there has been an emerging national concern in the police service that police organizations are characterised by a blame culture. Such a culture, it is claimed, produces risk aversion and a reluctance to innovate, fosters a lack of trust and confidence, and erodes the well-being of officers. Police forces are typically contrasted in this regard with organizations that operate with a no blame response to organisational failure that encourages collective lesson learning and improvement. This project will investigate these claims about a blame culture and its consequences by means of an intensive case study of one force. It will explore the roots and extent of risk aversion; address police and civilian staff fears of a blame culture within the organisation and seek to understand the effects of current practices and perceptions on the culture and workings of the force.

Prior to undertaking the DPhil, Kathryn completed the MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Oxford. She also holds a first-class undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology. Kathryn is also employed as a Research Officer by the Home Office's Crime and Policing Analysis Unit. She also works as an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.

Away from the University, Kathryn is also the Delivery Lead for Oxford Mutual Aid, a voluntary organisation that ensures those in Oxford who are homeless, vulnerably housed or on a low income have access to food and other essential items.