Faidra Faitaki

faidra faitaki

Education (2017 cohort)

Faidra is a DPhil student in the Department of Education, in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Psychology. Prior to joining the DPhil in Education programme at the University of Oxford, Faidra obtained a BA in Linguistics from UCL and an MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition from the University of Oxford. As part of her studies, she completed an Erasmus Placement at the University of Utrecht and an internship at Queen Mary’s Laboratory of Experimental Linguistics. Furthermore, she has a CELTA from UCL’s Centre for Languages and International Education and substantial experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults and children in universities and international language schools.

In her DPhil research, Faidra investigates Greek children’s acquisition of English as a Foreign Language at preschool. The main aim of her research is to discover if -and if so, how- children’s developing knowledge of a first language affects their acquisition of a second language. In addition, she intends to evaluate whether the educational programme children attend (i.e. monolingual immersion, bilingual immersion or EFL lessons) impacts their development in English. To achieve these aims, Faidra tests Greek children’s use of specific linguistic structures in English (which either do or do not have a corresponding version in Greek) in a series of structural priming experiments. She hopes that her work will extend the understanding of how cross-linguistic influence works in successive bilingualism and offer support and/or suggestions to the teachers and parents of child second language learners.